Aziz:  Andalusian Gelding     Born: July 8, 2008     Height 16.2 Hands     Weight 1600 lbs     Color: Brown Bay with star and black mane and tail.

Aziz came to Rainier Acres in 2017 and went right into work with the Veterans with the program. He is truly a gentle giant that loves treats way too much! Aziz is trained in the Fundamentals of Downunder Horsemanship and is becoming a trail horse too. He rides both in English and Western.  We are very happy to him in our herd.

Blessing:  Quarter Horse Mare    Born: May 22, 2014   Height 14.2 Hands  Weight: 900 lbs.      Color: Palomino with Star and snip, right hind pastern white.

Whiskey Bar Ale aka Blessing has actually been working with Veterans from the day that she was born here at Rainier Acres. It has been a great experience for many of the Veterans to see the process of raising a foal, training and starting a young horse under saddle.  Blessing is trained with the Fundamentals of Downunder Horsemanship and is already competing in Extreme Mountain Trail.  She is truly a people loving horse.

Classy:   Quarter Horse Mare    Born: 5-12-1999   Height 14.3 hands   Weight: 1100 lbs.

Classy Bar Clown aka Classy is a professionally trained NCHA cutting horse that has won thousands of dollars competing.  She is also an Extreme Mountain Trail Champion, winning many medals, buckles and even a saddle for her owner Debbi Fisher.  She is the Dam (mother) of Blessing, one of our other horses in the program.  Even though she is a sports car Ferrari horse, she knows how to switch her gears into slow when she is working with her Veterans.  Classy is also ridden bridle-less with her owner Debbi and can even do all of her extreme trail obstacles bridle-less.  Classy is trained in the Fundamentals of Downunder Horsemanship Level 2.  She is a very special mare.

Fred:    Fredericksborg Danish Warmblood Gelding   Born: May 30, 2005   Height 16.2 Hands   Weight 1400 lbs.   Color: Isabella (light palomino) with blaze

Fred is the very first Fredericksborg horse born here in the USA. There are only 35 of these horses in the USA. Danish Royalty used the Fredericksborgs for driving their carriages and riding and jumping.  Fred is a 1st level dressage horse, who also trail rides in the mountains and the beach, as well as pulls the carriage and the sleigh here at Rainier Acres. He has competed in High School Equestrian Team events including gaming, dressage, driving and in hand, and extreme trail competitions. He currently competes also as a 3 day eventing horse.

Fred is in the TV movie called; A Little Therapy that you can find on You Tube;

Fred is trained in the Fundamentals of Downunder Horsemanship. He was even rode by Clinton Anderson in “A Little Therapy”.  He has been on TV and numerous newspapers including the front page of the Seattle Times due to his being the first Fredericksborg born in the USA and his work with Veterans. He is one of the stars of the Short Documentary film “Riding My Way Back” that won over 35 film awards world- wide.  This horse has quite the ego, but well deserved.

Justice:    Quarter Horse Gelding   Born: March 23, 2001   Height 15 hands  Weight 1000 lbs.    Color: Grey with black mane and tail.

Justice’s prior owner Linda Fisher-Lewis, a retired police officer, also knew what a value this program is to our veterans and wounded soldiers.  She knew that her horse Justice was up to the task. Justice is a very sure footed horse up in the mountains trail riding and camping.  He also works cows, extreme mountain trail and does drill team.

Justice is trained in the Fundamentals of Downunder Horsemanship and was one of the founding horses for equine therapy here in the Northwest in 2010. Justice does very well with Veterans that have suffered physical injuries.

KIT:   Missouri Fox Trotter Mare   Born: May 10, 2010  Height 14.3 hands  Weight: 1000 lbs.

Sinatra’s Southern Cattail aka Kit is a naturally gaited horse. What is nice about having gaited horses in this program is that we can get physicians to approve Veterans that have back and neck issues to be able to ride because of the smooth Missouri Fox Trotter, fox trot gait.  Kit is an accomplished trail horse and is learning the Fundamentals of Downunder Horsemanship.  She joined the Rainier Acres herd in September of 2017.  She will be having her first foal in 2018 which will be a great experience for the Veterans that come out to our program.

Root Beer:   Breeding Stock Appaloosa Gelding   Born March 6, 1993   Height: 16.3 hands Weight: 1460   Color: Red Dun with star, stripe and four white socks

Our First Addition aka “Root Beer” belonged to the late Colonel Fisher who had Root Beer since he was 6 months old. Root Beer is a trail horse, pack horse, cattle horse, trained police horse, and was a jousting horse for the Seattle Knights.  He has also been ridden English and done some jumping.  Rootbeer is trained in the Fundamentals of Downunder Horsemanship.  Since Root Beer’s owner passed away in 2006, he was one of the founding horses for the very first equine therapy for Veterans in the Northwest in 2010 with his owner and widow of the late Colonel Fisher.  He is the "alpha" leader of our horse herd.

Vision:   American Paint Horse Gelding   Born: January 16, 2002   Height: 15.2 hands  Weight: 1150 lbs   Color: Bay and White Tobiano Paint

Vision is a very successful show horse in trail classes, Western and English for 4-H, as well as APHA horse shows. He is also a consecutive two year championship winner for the Rainier High School Equestrian team. His owner Mindy also rides him bridle-less and competes in extreme mountain trail on him.   Vision is trained in the Fundamentals of Downunder Horsemanship Level 2.   He is our demonstration horse for all events, a really nice horse to ride and be around.  He loves people.